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Frit and Frat are the dynamic duo behind  KIN Dance Company, a Los Angeles-based troupe that uses music, theater, and diverse dance styles to create enlightening and invigorating performances. As co-founders and artistic directors, Frit and Frat  have led Kin Dance Company to cross boundaries between commercial, contemporary dance and avant-garde dance theater. Their unique blend of athleticism, artistry, and social commentary has brought KIN Dance Company acclaim at festivals across the country.

Some highlights include the New York International Fringe Festival, Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Pasadena Dance Festival, and Palm Desert Choreography Festival, where Frit and Frat earned top honors for their original choreography. KIN has also graced renowned venues like the Cowell Theater in San Francisco, the Marin County Performing Arts Center, and the Ford Amphitheater. Wherever they perform, Frit and Frat aim to stimulate audiences' hearts, minds and souls while using the environment as inspiration to generate new ideas.

Their commitment to diversity shines through KIN's multi-ethnic ensemble and incorporation of varied techniques. This passion was recognized by the County of San Diego, which awarded Frit and Frat a certificate of appreciation for increasing the presence of African Americans in contemporary dance.

Through their bold artistry and tireless advocacy, Frit and Frat have made KIN Dance Company a pioneering force in diverse, thought-provoking dance theater.




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