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"NAACP  Theatre Award Winner"
Frit (R) and Frat (L) Headshot Together Gray T-Shirts (1)_edited.jpg

Frit (R) and Frat (L)

Frit and Frat are a dynamic artistic duo who have made a significant impact on the dance and entertainment world through creative choreography, directing, and performances.

Collectively holding BFA and MFA degrees, they have built an impressive resume across stage, screen, and television. The two serve as Artistic Directors for the ground-breaking KIN Dance Company based in Los  Angeles, where they choreograph bold and funky numbers for the company's productions. Beyond their leadership roles at KIN, Frit and Frat have choreographed and performed in numerous films, commercials, and stage shows across the globe. Their credits include the Ovation and NAACP award-nominated production of "Flirting with Morty" and the high energy "UniversalSoul Circus" national and international tours.

On screen, they have brought their signature style to projects with HBO and PBS. Frit and Frat also hold the distinct honor of directing and choreographing the nationally televised Mrs. America and Mrs. World pageants, overseeing all production elements with flair.

Their creative vision has also been seen through productions like the touring show "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"  and the NAACP award winning musical "Down Around Brown Town." 

Through their dedication to the craft and artistic leadership, Frit and Frat have become well respected in the dance world, bringing bold choreography and visionary direction to every project. Their unique creative fingerprint can be seen across mediums, from stage to screen, as they continue to push boundaries and inspire through the power of movement and artistry.

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